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This web-page was developed to help you as a musician, artist or just someone who wants to know. We will connect through this page and a number of resources that will help you find the answer if we don’t have it for you here.

What types of questions would someone ask the musicians.

These questions on anything from learning about music theory, musical instruments, recording arts, building instruments, playing instruments, buying instruments and even questions about performing.

As a musician, you have been learning about music in many areas and you have gained knowledge through experience. Many of us don’t really know that we carry a lot of knowledge, and we can help others with our knowledge.

Is this a Forum?

In a sense, yes…but more of an open source type of web-site, you may find some of the answers on this page, but we are going to connect to forums and other external pages that specialize in the area the you are interested in. We will also connect to news sources that will provide the latest in information and technology on the areas that we provide information on.

Where Do We Start?

The first resource is where you can buy custom guitars online, just click on the links and it will take you to the resource. This first resource will show you all kinds of guitars you can buy online.

Why would you buy guitars online?

Buying or searching for guitars online gives you the opportunity to review the types of guitar available and the best prices. In most cases, vendors offer free delivery to your home to almost anywhere in the world.

Online vendors have a great reputation for customer service and returns. They have a reputation to maintain and if that reputation gets tarnished in any way, the chances of this spreading is much quicker on the internet than on the street.

Buy Custom Guitars Online

You are protected in many ways when purchase from online vendors, your transaction is protected against fraud and intrusions from online hackers and in most cases, you are guaranteed by the vendor. Your payment system or bank should also protect.

More and more people are starting to shop online because they are starting to learn that they can trust it, and they soon realize how easy and convenient it can be.

I Like Trying My Guitar Out First

Yes, I like trying my guitars out first too, and I still do try a brand name and some lesser quality instruments before I buy them. If you know the quality of a brand name instrument, you don’t really have to try the instrument if you are buying online, because all the manufactured guitars are built with the same quality, the same materials and the same electronics.

Do Online Vendors Provide Guarantees and Refunds?

When you purchase anything online, you still have the chance to return it if you are not happy with the quality of the instrument. Most vendors provide that guarantee. So make sure that you can return the item and find out when you can return, sometimes you are given 30 days, 60 days or even up to a year, but make sure you find before you actually buy the item.




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